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RE: New Club Ownership

Welcome to Calypso Vacation Club! You are embarking on an unequaled adventure in vacation club ownership with Calypso, the leader in vacation club ownership. With hundreds of resorts worldwide, and dozens of affiliate partners, Calypso offers the ultimate in vacation experiences. We are glad you chose to us!
The following Quick Start Guide will get you started on your travel experiences. Of course, our Vacation Travel Assistants are available weekdays from 9:00-5:00 EST, and just a phone call away at 1-800-555-7192. For even quicker booking and access to online support, visit us at http://calypso.active.com.
Happy travels!
Your Calypso Support Team

Welcome to the Club! This new owner guide is designed with you in mind. The Calypso Vacation Club is your destination for family fun, exciting travel, and rewarding stays around the world. We are certainly glad you are have chosen to spend your valuable vacation time with us by purchasing {number of points} points in the vacation club. Your purchase means you will be able to choose from over 120 resorts worldwide, all owned and operated by Calypso. You can be assured of excellent and reliable service as we strive to make your vacation dreams come true.
This Quick Start Guide explains the details of your club ownership, including an overview of the points system, pricing, options, and special offers. So dive right in! We look forward to welcoming you at a Calypso resort in the near future!
Explore the World with the Leader in Vacation Club Ownership
For more than 20 years, Calypso Vacation Club has occupied the top spot in the vacation ownership industry, delivering the best in vacation experiences to more than 300,000 owner families worldwide. And we are very pleased to present our newest vacation program—Calypso Connections—an ownership program based on a simple point-based plan that provides the utmost flexibility, convenience, and affordability. No tied to a

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