Vygotsky's Ideas on Present American Society

Topics: Sociology, Prom, Débutante Pages: 4 (1601 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Vygotsky’s ideas stress that cognitive learning and development is impacted by cultural practices and social interactions. Human beings are embedded within a social context and matrix where behavior is well mapped within this. Cognitive development is marked by the society interaction with the individual. The present day American society social context that can be noted are the spirit of celebrating special American holidays such as Halloween or thanksgiving, the high school prom celebrations, the kind of job a person does, political democracy and openness, and hope for a better life and the plastic money society. Theme

The American society values celebrating holidays, and these periods are often meaningful and important the people. Celebrating thanksgiving is often characterized with warmness, family, friends and neighbors coming together, and symbolized by a turkey meal on the table. Christmas on the other hand maybe characterized by a jolly festive and carefree mood with every place lighting and glistering, and is often symbolized by the Christmas tree, family bonds and Santa Claus, the gift bearer. These are just among examples of what defines the American society and what they value. This is further explained by emphasizing certain tasks and how the society and culture shape the nature of certain cognitive advances (Egan, 1998; Yasnitsky, 2010) Promenade or prom on the other hand, is a yearly occasion of glamour for high school students. This event is a major event among high school students and they value it, with a prom king and queen revealed in such occasions through school wide votes. It in some ways débuts the students, most of them seniors in their final year, into society and adult life. The kind of work a person does and the type of skills they possess is a major factor in the American society and culture. It is what defines what social class a person belongs to, where acquisition of higher wealth through skills or being born...

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