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Executive Summary
1.1 Introduction of the Company
1.2 Introduction of the Product Line
2.0Core Product
2.1 Vuzix Video Eyewear iWear AV920
2.2 Functions & Features
3.0Market Environment & Target Market
3.1 Microenvironment Effects
3.2 Target Market
4.0SWOT Analysis
5.0Objectives & Issues
5.1 First Year Objectives
5.2 Second Year Objectives
6.0Marketing Strategy
6.1 Positioning
6.2 Product Strategy
6.3 Pricing Strategy
6.4 Distribution Strategy
6.5 Marketing Communications Strategy
7.0Budgets & Controls
8.0References List

Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Introduction of Company

The company, Vuzix, has 9 years of experience in developing advanced proprietary display technology for the military and industrial sectors has laid the foundation for its leadership position in the emerging consumer Video Eyewear market. The company is a privately held company and the pioneer in manufacturing Video Eyewear and personal display devices for the mobile video, entertainment, defense and commercial markets.

Vuzix introduced the Video Eyewear product category in 2005 with its award-winning model V920. 2008 marks its fourth award-winning year at the Consumer Electronics Show for innovation in design and engineering.

1.2 Introduction of Product Line

Vuzix’s high resolution Video Eyewear family of consumer products named iWear, solves the main challenge of viewing video and digital information via portable and mobile devices-the small screen.

The Vuzix’s iWear products are worn like regular glasses and provide the effect of a big screen experience, ranging from 44” to 62” virtual screens. IWear is ideal for use with media players’ portable DVD players, gaming consoles, cell phones and laptops.

In March 2007, Vuzix launched the first interactive Video Eyewear that enables users of online games, social virtual worlds and chat rooms to communicate with each other and step “inside” cyberspace with stereographic 3D.

2.0 Core Product

2.1 Vuzix Video Eyewear iWear AV920

2.2 Features

iWear 3D enabled for automatic 2D/3D control; no buttons required  Can be worn with or without prescription glasses
Removable, integrated speakers (no clumsy uncomfortable ear buds) can be upgraded or removed to allow the user to plug their own headset  AccuTilt viewer pivots up to 15 degrees for comfortable viewing angle  Soft, comfortable, hypo-allergenic nose piece extends up to 3/8”  Custom- fit head strap

The integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery gives approximately 5 hours of continuous viewing  Includes mini USB Charger
3.0 Market Environment & Target Market

3.1 Microenvironment effects on the Product

3.1.1 The Company

The management team has a significant track record in areas essential for the company’s success. This includes technology development, marketing and sales, software, business development, strategic partnerships, finance, IPOs, rapid-growth and startup operations.

The management works together with everyone from different departments to create an atmosphere where everyone would work together towards the same goals and also achieve results, having to strengthen the value delivery network of the company.

3.1.2 Suppliers

We work closely with the suppliers in order to delivery the products to our customers on time and at the same time to build up the relationship with the suppliers to have smooth sailing business transactions in future.

3.1.3 Publics

Internal Publics: We have to monitor the employees at all times to ensure that the company provides efficient service and products to the customers’ needs and expectations. Employees that fail to provide would affect the company’s reputation and image to their existing and potential customers which would affect the long-term relationships built with existing customers and lose the potential businesses...

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