Vulnerable Populations: Victims of Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Running Head: ‘Vulnerable Populations: Victims of Violence’

‘Vulnerable Populations: Victims of Violence’

Norita Prather


University of Phoenix

Instructor: Tami Frye

September 26, 2011

Each domestic abuse relationship is unique, and has a pattern that holds certain signs, clues, and characteristics that could have helped decide if one were in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. There are significant indicators that are common to all virtual cases of domestic abuse, mainly because people have heard much about domestic abuse, but did not think it applied to their situation. What is domestic abuse, how is it defined for someone to recognize and seek help; coming from someone that has a damaged cornea as a result of domestic abuse, I will give my definition. I think a single incident usually does not constitute abuse. Domestic abuse usually involves a pattern of abusive events, where victims typically experience a repetitive, cyclic pattern of destructive or violent behaviors that generally escalate over time. I think the main contributor of domestic abuse if based on power and control. There are many misconceptions of what taking control means, in a domestic abuse situation, taking control to one may think that is a sign of caring and wanting only the best for the other. Furthermore, there is no reason for anyone to go through domestic abuse whether it is physical or verbal. I would advise victims to be smart, and safe, and get away--someone’s life might depend on the choice you make.

The history of domestic violence has been prevalent throughout the United States and other parts of the World--and intimate partner abuse has been a part of many cultures for many generations. From my understanding, British common law had allowed a man to “chastise” his wife with “any reasonable instrument”. In the United States, throughout the 1800’s, state laws and cultural practices continued to support a man’s right to...

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