Vulnerable Population Workplace Project

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I I am a psychiatric RN for children for the past 8 years. I wrote this essay from my experience. I am currently working towards completing my bachelor's degree and eventually working to become a psychiatric NP for children. Not only do I specialize in psychiatry, I myself have ADHD and can understand how children and adults struggle when not properly treated.

Vulnerable Population in the Workplace
Ronya Bentz
February 27, 2010
Pauline Rogers

Vulnerable Population in the Workplace
Most staff members become anxious when asked to speak with a group of teachers about educating children with Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder (ADHD). Staff members may experience intimidation instructing teachers in how to educate children. To decrease stress a verbal and visual program assisted coworkers to become more confident. Information provided to staff members was a brochure as a tool for teachers, and a PowerPoint to assist with a presentation. During the presentation obstacles were addressed concerning the importance of educating the school systems for improving a child’s learning and social abilities regardless of possessing ADHD. When an employee uses his or her expertise, this creates an opportunity to educate the community in helping ADHD children become more socially recognized and accepted. Support from the community allows greater opportunities to improve special education programs and developmental resources.

The ability to teach employees in promoting awareness of ADHD to the school system will broaden the perceptions of teachers working with ADHD students. Many teachers do not understand how to support students with ADHD. According to Smith (2012), “Approximately three to five percent...
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