Vulnerable Population

Topics: African American, Health care, Barack Obama Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Cheri W. Bluford

June 3, 2013

Vulnerable population is not limited to a specific disease, race, income, or gender. There are different situations that can cause an individual to be classified into this category. A Vulnerable population can also include the neighborhood where an individual resides because healthcare resources may be limited. The focus of this will include the understanding of how the different biases affect the delivery of healthcare to individuals. It will also include a self-reflection of the learning prior and post about the population. It will identify a character and describe how he or she may be identified in a vulnerable population. African American Vulnerable Population

African American women are a vulnerable population because of his or her income, lifestyle, marital status, and healthcare. According to Dodson (2009), “vulnerability results from developmental problems, personal incapacities, disadvantaged social status, inadequacy of interpersonal networks and supports, degraded neighborhoods and environments, and the complex interactions of these factors over the life course.” The population of African Americans within the United States range from 1% to 51%, depending on the location the individual resides in. Segregation is more commonly in the Northern States. Usually when a high volume of African Americans move in one area of the city, the other nationalities tend to move to the suburbs of the city. According to Fongwa (2008), “The provision of quality care also requires recognition of the daily living sociocultural, economic, and political conditions in low-income neighborhoods that influence access to care and the patient-provider dynamics that influence how care is provided.” African American job opportunities have increased since the civil war but the average annual income for an African American household is 20K less than a year than the American median income....

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