Vulnerability of Project Management Life Cycle (Pmlc) Model

Topics: Project management / Pages: 6 (1351 words) / Published: Jul 13th, 2011
The five PMLC models according to Wysocki are as follows:
1. Linear PMLC model
2. Incremental PMLC model
3. Iterative PMLC model
4. Adaptive PMLC model
5. Extreme PMLC model
Linear PMLC Model: This is one of the Traditional Project Management (TPM) method, it consist of the five process group, each performed once in the sequence: Scoping> Planning > Launching > Monitoring and Controlling> Closing. The final deliverable is not released until the closing process group is executed. (Wysocki, 2009:345). It is used in a project where the goal and solution are clearly defined and there will be no need for many scope change requests, such project is usually repetitive and routine. Examples of such project is the production of yarn in the textile industry, the same methodology is used from time to time. This model is characterised by strict flow of processes from scope to closing with more or less no room for change (Wysocki, 2009:344). Once on this track, there is no room for repetition, even if it is obvious from later process that changes have to be affected. Knowledge gained from a later process group, cannot be used to revise and improve the deliverable from previous process group while on a particular project, it can only be utilized later in handling similar project. The no change tolerance nature of this model give room to failure if the project manager (PM), does not stop the use of this model and switch to other better one. In the event of where a yarn of a certain diameter was defined in the scope for the production of a fabric, and a different diameter was discovered to be better after weaving the first part of the fabric, if the PM handling such project have the mind for the best final deliverable-fabric, the best option is to switch over to a favourable model and start all over. To do this, the resources as to fibre to be used in the production of the new yarn have to be made available, for more money, resources and time are needed. The top management

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