vulgarity in pakistani media

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Learning Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: February 28, 2014
This skill has played a pivotal role inspreading immorality and displeasing peoplefrom religion and morality and disturbing familysystem. It is signs can be openly seen in westernlife. The conscience of people related with thismedia does not accept these sins as a sin. Theythink it proud able art and skill and think it asservice of humanity. Their condition is pitiablebecause thinking of sin, as skill is verydangerous. The people who are related with filmindustry their dress; their high standard of lifehas attraction for unrealistic people. Ouryoungsters look them with regret and wish to belike them. But no one can look in his or herbarren souls. They have all facilities but deprivedof psychological and spiritual satisfaction. Theytryto get spiritual and psychological satisfactionbut they have lost the real path of such kind of satisfaction. They have attraction for appearance

TheInternational Asian Research journal 01 (01):66-71, 2013
reader but realist prays, after seeing their interval
bareness that God don’t punish so even to an
enemy. Ifthe punishment of sin is so horrible inthis world them what will be its punishment inworld after it.In the past, this film exhibition waslimited only to Cinema halls or particular placesbut TV, VCR, Dish Antenna, cable network andInternet cafes have so spread. This sexuality inMohallas, streets and houses has changed everyhouse into cinema hall. Satellite Channels, cableNetwork and Internet cafés has crushed our newgeneration morally. Children are naturallyinclined towards these vulgar and immoral acts.The recreation or amusement has crushed theirreligious moral, physical and psychologicalthoughts and energies. Many children becomemature before time and their sexual emotions areinspired which are satisfied through unnaturalways. It causesmany sexual diseases. Due tomental immaturity and shyness they cannot till totheir parents and relatives. Their parents ignore them as innocent children. Women’s exhibition

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