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Request For Inspection - Simplify ( RFI ) Simplify RFI : Write-up Overview Simplify RFI (Simplify) provides a central repository of all the activities and their actual updates. This tool is primarily developed for tracking progress of various Infrastructure projects pertaining to businesses like Roads, Metro, Sea Link etc. It is an integrated work flow management tool which interfaces online with project management tool - Primavera to draw the project plan on one hand, while on the other it accepts the update on these plans as per actual execution from the vendors. The actual submitted by the vendor gets approved by the concerned engineers involved as well as the project manager (PM). On final approval from PM, the status of execution gets updated back in Primavera. In addition to tracking of progress against planned work, it also automatically generates the invoice based on the approved work done. An automated work flow for invoice approval helps in minimizing delays and brings in transparency into the process for all stake holders. Moreover, it helps in keeping track of the huge number of manual paper based transactions through electronic mode at a centralized place – a promising step towards green computing. The transactions getting generated in Simplify are chronologically managed and easily identified through unique reference number assigned to each one of them. Thus, overall it acts as a simple tool to address the worry of manual mistakes, avoid duplication in work payments, eliminate problems with handling huge volume of documents and minimize security concerns pertaining confidential information.

Target Audience CEOs, Project Heads & Managers Engineering Managers CFOs & Billing Managers Vendors involved in actual execution of the work

Benefits Makes your records and transactions people independent i.e. no individual centric project management Data entered on a day to day basis gets stored & managed by system thus enabling you to manage huge volumes...
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