Vroom Expectancy Theory

Topics: Motivation, Victor Vroom, Expectancy theory Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: September 9, 2011
1.0Analysis Using Motivation Theories
1.1Expectancy Theory
Vroom´s Expectance theory (As listed in Wlodarczyk 2011) assumes that motivation is affected by person´s belief that effort has a positive impact to his performance, the performance will lead to a specific outcome and this outcome has an individual value for this person. In our Case the main focus is on Alan´s valence to gain a specific positive outcome (Borkowski 2010). Thus he was less ready to earn more money than to kick starting his career in a firm with a good reputation as an employer for job security and developing its people. Motivated by the possible future prospects (outcome), he was willing to put in a high level of effort by working hard and over the time, to increase his own performance and consequently the instrumentality (Samuel Slipp 2006). On the basis of Allan´s invested effort he believes to be in the right to expect that his performance will in fact lead to a particular outcome (Tamekia Love Brown 2007). As Dawson describes in Principles of Management (2011): Allan was powered by his conviction the firm “…didn´t pay the best, but it did make sure you could take your career places if you hung around and worked hard.” With the expectancy to achieve his individual value, a person is highly motivated put in a certain effort to provide a good performance. If the expectations concerning the outcome are not met the, the motivation will turn into a demotivating condition of a person (Robin Kay 2010). 1.2Other Relevant Motivation Theories

A second theory (Equity theory by John Stacey Adams 1965) is a process theory concerning the emergence of motivation which states on an individuals´ perception how fairly he is treated compared with others (Daft et al. 2010). Theis (2010) further emphasizes the meaning of extrinsic motivation and especially of motivation. Concerning the study case Allan compares his job situation with the one he would have elsewhere. He knows that he is earning less...
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