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Voting Election System
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I. Introduction

I.1. Background of the Study
The AMA Computer Learning Center was established in 1986 as an extension center of AMA Computer College. It was organized to provide educational opportunities for Filipinos who are not financially capable to enroll in a four- year degree program. ACLC began as a school specifically offering short courses, but it started offering associate and bachelor degrees as of late. Part of the AMA Education System, the pioneer of computer education in the Philippines, ACLC also extends AMA’s vision of promoting educational excellence through information technology. AMAES started when its founder, Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, saw a vision of the Philippines as the world’s premier source of IT manpower in Asia. It started as the Institute of Computer Studies, and comprised of 13 computers for 13 students in a rented tenement in Mandaluyong in 1980. A year later, positive response from computer enthusiasts encouraged the institute to offer a four- year course in Computer Science- the first time it was offered in the Philippines. The school was renamed as AMA Computer College. In 1983, AMA grew into a network of colleges in Metro Manila, and in 1989, a Cebu campus was also established. As it grows in leaps and bounds, ACLC and the rest of the schools under the AMA Education System remains committed to its unending vision to become the leader and dominant provider of relevant and globally-recognized education and training in information and communications technology. A voting system or electoral system is a method by which voters make a choice between options, often in an election or on a policy referendum. A voting system enforces rules to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. Common voting systems are majority rule, proportional...
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