Voting Rights For All Essay

Topics: Law, Democracy, Rights Pages: 3 (482 words) Published: February 9, 2015
Student: Selenir Lacerda
Instructor: Paola Tineo
Course: ESL 098
Date: March 7, 2014.

Voting: A Right for All

Voting is the best way that people have to express their opinions about their views by choosing who they what to represent them as a future leaders. It is a very important civil right because it’s a legal and human right, a privilege and responsibility. This powerful right is available for all the citizens, even though some of them choose to not use it. In America, the right to vote is available to adults regardless of race, gender or class. So, why not the non-citizens? America people fight for equality, freedom and democracy. A nation that requires support from the citizens should consider the right to vote for all. The right to vote should be considered with a purpose for a better future for this country. Allowing non-citizens to vote is a fair opportunity for all of those people that somehow facilitate the growth of this nation. But, all of those people are excluded from their right to exercise their privilege of voting. Non-citizens have the same obligations than citizens. Why not the right to vote? Non-citizens have the some responsibilities and duties as citizens do. Most of those people own businesses and through them give jobs to many people who, in turn, support their families. These non-citizens own houses, work for companies or themselves, and through that pay billions of dollars in taxes. They are part of their communities and their neighborhood; they are part of the society. Also, they raise their children in this country and build their families with different customs and follow different roots. Unfortunately, for the non-citizens, being equal is very limited. It is unfair to the non-citizens that they cannot vote and yet have the same obligations as citizens. Since the obligations are the same, then the rights should be equal. It is because all those people that are part of this nation. These non-citizens are people who deserve...
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