Voting for the Wrong Reason

Topics: Bill Clinton, President of the United States, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (1366 words) Published: October 6, 2012

Voting For the Wrong Reason
Natalya Hill
Ivy Tech Community College

I have to argue the fact that people who vote for the wrong reason, are just as at fault as the president of the United States of America. When citizen of the United States of America vote for president because of their own personal beliefs and views, they should think twice about voting for those reasons. When a presidential candidate is campaigning to become president and they express their personal views, people should go by facts and not someone else personal views whether they. Some Presidential candidates talk about how they do not believe in same sex marriages and if they become president they will not let same sex marry. Now a person who dislikes gays will vote for that president, not even taking into fact that they might stop their Government benefits when they become president. Now please let me know how two people of the same sex getting married affect the United States? I do not think that affects the United States because it has nothing to do with me or anyone else. Some people feel that if we just ignore gays then we are telling our kids it is ok to be gay. If you teach your children your beliefs and if they follow them then good for you. If they don’t follow your beliefs, than you have to let them grow up, because they are their own person. This is the problem that we have today. People want you to go by their beliefs and not your own. Now I know GOD does not want us to be with the same sex and we have to deal with our maker on our own, GOD does not want us to judge each other so we should not worry who is gay or not. We will all have to stand before GOD one day and we will have to confess up to our sins. I have found online blogs about President Bush and why they voted for him. I think some people was blinded by his views, they just did not care what he said. As long as bush was going to war they were happy. President Bush was voted in for the wrong reason because of...
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