Vonnegut and Bergeron

Topics: Kurt Vonnegut, Meaning of life, Journalism Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Part I: Vonnegut, the writer
1. What did Vonnegut base his novel Slaughterhouse Five on?  Vonnegut based his novel Slaughterhouse Five on his time, sixty feet underground in a former meat locker and slaughterhouse, where his job was to gather up and burn the remains of the dead. 2. In what genre did Vonnegut most often write?

Vonnegut most often wrote in a science fiction genre.
3. How did being a journalist influence Vonnegut's writing? Being a journalist influenced Vonnegut's writing by the simple rules of journalism; get the facts right, compose straightforward, declaritive sentences and know your audience.

4. Describe what life was like during the 1970's for Vonnegut. Life for Vonnegut during the 1970's was very drastic, he had many upsetting things happen to him in these years. 5. Discuss the topic or theme for any two of Vonnegut's works. Be sure to include the name of the work. The theme of one of Vonnegut's works, "Harrison Bergeron" was that people are different and there will always be competition no matter what you try to do to eliminate it. The theme of another one of his works, "SlaughterHouse Five is that if things don't change soon, bad things could happen if they haven't already.

Part II: The Story
1. How are George and Hazel Bergeron described? What sort of life do they lead? George and Hazel Bergeron are described as people who are taken advantage of by the government and somewhat actually believe that what is being done to them is for a good reason.

2. What is the meaning of the last words of the Bergerons, "that one was a doozy"? The meaning of the last words of the Bergeron's, "that one was a doozy" is that they lack memories. 3. In real life, what ways do we try to make people equal? Does it work to make people equal, or just to make them alike? Why do you think we use these methods? Are they effective? In real life, we try to make people equal by ending racism, stopping segregation, women's rights, etc....
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