Von Thunen Model

Topics: Agriculture, Crops, Arable land Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Von thunen model links economic concepts with spatial location and accounts for two main aspects of agricultural land use: the intensity of production of a particular crop will decline with distance away from the market and the type of land use will vary with the distance from the market. The locational pattern are as followed:

Von thunen asserted a series of concentric zones ,each with its own characteristic of land use,would be developed around the central city .

Zone 1 is intensive market-gardening and dairying zones.milk and fresh vegetables ,because of demand ,are commodities of high value,and so are produced close to the markets to minimize costs incurred through transporting these perishable products. The cattle in this zone are kept in stall.

Zone 2 is forestry.forest production ,firewood and timber are used for fuels and building materials. They are bulky to transport and are frequently required so they locate in the vicinity of the city.

Zone 3 is crop alternative system .farmer employ six year crop rotation :2 years for rye,the rest given to barley ,potato ,clover and vetch .among these crops ,rye and potato are taken to the market for sale.vetch is used for fodder and it can also help to maintain soil fertility.besides ,soil fertility is increased by manuring and crop rotaion six-fold rotation ,with three cereal crops and no fallow,means that land is 100 percent tilled at any time.cattle are stall-fed in water.

Zone4 is less intensive arable. Farmers in this zone apply 7-years crop rotation:1 year of rye,1 year of oats ,3 years of pasture ,and 1 year of fallow.the products are rye,cheese ,butter and livestock . since cheese and butter do nit perish quickly as the milk, they can produc some distance away from the market.

Zone 5 is extensive three-field arable system.in the three field system ,1/3 of the land is used for field crop ,1/3 for pasture and 1/3 left fallow.with one cereal crop and one Fallow.

Zone 6 is extensive...
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