Von Schiller

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Human Knowledge
Friedrich Von Schiller
World Literature

Schiller was born and raised in Germany. His father was an army surgeon. He went to school for medicine and law, but there was something about law that excited him. While attending Stuttgart Military Academy, he wrote his first play “The Robbers.” He got dismissed after leaving the army post without permission to see the opening of his play.

The opening of the play was also influential to his life because it said “against Tyrants” and freedom was threatening to authority. He was exiled but until the end of his life he stayed true to his beliefs. He moved to Weimar in 1787 and had financial independence. Two years later he became a history professor. He was also granted the title and rights of a nobleman. “His poetry ranges from the lyrical to the philosophical and from subjective romanticism to the more objective classism” (107). Since thou readest in her what thou thyself hast there written, And, to gladden the eye, placest her wonders in groups;--

Since o'er her boundless expanses thy cords to extend thou art able, Thou dost think that thy mind wonderful Nature can grasp.

Thus the astronomer draws his figures over the heavens,
So that he may with more ease traverse the infinite space,
Knitting together e'en suns that by Sirius-distance are parted, Making them join in the swan and in the horns of the bull.
But because the firmament shows him its glorious surface,
Can he the spheres' mystic dance therefore decipher aright?

1 Why do people think they understand nature? We are a part of nature we live in nature we are all one. 2 What leads the astronomer to believe that he universe?. The lord is leading him to believe 3 How do the two stanzas of the poem relate to each other? They are both talking about the same thing. 4 What is Schiller criticizing when he discusses the two constellations, the swan and the bull? He is criticizing knitting. 5 What themes do...
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