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Founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson, the company was formed on a background of quality and safety which were both of paramount importance, a concept that still applies to the Volvo cars of today.

The P-1800 offers a combination of big car comfort and unbelievable small car economy that can be matched by no other car, domestic or imported. < B>. . . compare it feature by feature . . . and you'll see why thousands of motorists are making Volvo one of America's fastest selling imported cars.


Innovations in safety and environmental care continued apace with crumple zones, rear facing child seats, collapsible steering columns, side collision protection and the three-way catalytic converter with Lambdasond all being introduced on Volvo’s in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The Volvo 240 range replaced the 140 with even higher levels of safety and quality and was joined by the smaller Volvo 340 models from Holland to take Volvo’s sales past the 4 million mark by the end of the 1970’s.

In turn the Volvo 700 series of 1982 took Volvo yet another step into the exclusive market for personalised high-quality cars. Later in the decade the 340 was replaced by the Volvo 400 series which won plaudits for its roadholding and safety as well as its generous amount of interior space. A completely new and different Volvo was launched to the world in June 1991. The Volvo 850 was Volvo’s first front wheel drive executive car, with a transverse, five-cylinder engine. Its high level of safety combined with real driving pleasure won the car many independent awards.

After launching more new models in a single year than ever before in 2000, Volvo Cars' work in 2001 is focused on development and new technology solutions. The Volvo Cars Safety Centre is also developed, and Volvo Cars now has superior crash test capabilities in its crash laboratory. Using the new movable test track, two-vehicle crash-tests can...
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