Volunteer Work

Topics: Volunteer, Volunteering, A Great Way to Care Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: September 15, 2013
McKenzie Ryan English 123 College Composition Journal #1 Mrs. Howe September 10, 2013

There Is Nothing Like the Help of a Fresh Hand
Volunteer work has increased through the recent years. As a volunteer, we create an enormous impact on the lives of a society, including our own. Worldwide societies would crumble without the help of volunteers.

I have been involved in volunteering for years and I love always trying to find a way to make time for it. I have several experiences of my help towards a society. It was at my own school. Every year the orchestra holds a craft fair open to the public. Hundreds of community members come and see the crafters many artistic crafts and items. Our job is to go around and make sure all the customers and crafters are having a good time and everything is going accordingly. We serve lunch as well. There are always several encounters when the crafters do not want something on the menu: they are allergic or because of health reasons. As volunteers, we run out to the store and find something that can be eaten. This really affected the people involved with the food issues. “Oh, you did not have to do that,” is commonly said. Without us, these people would not have anything to eat. There was also another helpful event that had happened at this exact event. When we were helping empty the crafters cars with all of the displays and things, someone dropped a glass cake stand, that volunteer than ran out and bought the crafter a brand new stand. We even used our own money from our own pocket to pay for it. A volunteer should want to go out of the way to please the people.

Volunteer work has also affected my life. Volunteer work can be a great way to develop skills or even make friends. Being a volunteer helped me because I got to see how my contribution has made a difference amongst them. This experience adds to my personal growth especially in...
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