Volunteer Essay

Topics: Study skills, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: August 30, 2012
As I begin my journey through the Wellspring program and at my volunteer site, Project Innovation, I am filled with expectations and hopes. I can’t wait to begin working with these kids! I know that I can make a difference in their lives even through something as simple as helping them with their homework. I really hope that I will be able to provide these children with love and understanding that all children need in their lives. I expect to challenge myself to help the kids with homework in a way that they will understand and hopefully be able to grasp. I also hope to provide entertainment and fun to make learning more enjoyable. I believe that if I treat the kids with kindness and respect that I will be able to gain respect in return. I expect to be presented with challenges and differences that I can learn to overcome through my time at Project Innovation. I hope to learn how to better work with others and how to handle difficult situations. I expect to grow as a person and to learn more about myself in a year than I ever would have if I had decided not to participate in Wellspring. I believe that I will be able develop emotionally as well as mentally. Furthermore, I believe that I will learn about a whole other way of living that is very different from my own. I hope that I will be able to develop awareness for other communities so that I can have a broader view of the world rather than a narrow- minded perspective pertaining only to my own community’s bubble. I believe that this is something that very few people learn and that it is something that is needed in today’s world. Additionally, I hope to develop lasting relationships with the kids and the directors of Project Innovation. It is important to partner with the community in which you live in order to make a difference. I believe that volunteering at Project Innovation will be the highlight of my week and that it will be a nice change from the stressful atmosphere of the academics at Millsaps. I...
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