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Voluntary Nurse Turnovers

The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators identifies voluntary nurse turnovers as one of the indicators impacting nursing care. This data base was established by the American Nurses Association to improve quality and safety in the workplace. The data collected helps provide research and compares the data to the impact it has on nurses providing care and the outcomes it has on patients. Nurse turnovers occur for many different reasons and seem to come in waves depending on what the nurses reasoning is. Many patient care facilities worldwide experience issues with nurse turnover rates fluctuating up and down. No one solution has been derived when it comes to solving this problematic issue. One issue remains and that is, the impact on patient care influenced by the increasing nurse turnovers rates. Keywords: indicator, nurse turnover, data, impact, nursing

The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators identified voluntary nurse turnovers as being one of the indicators impacting patient outcomes as well as impacting nursing. Some studies define turnovers as any job move while others consider nurse turnover as leaving the organization or even from the nursing profession (L. J. Hayes et al 2006/International Journal of Nursing Studies 43 (2006) 237-263. I chose to discuss this indicator, because it is a current issue that I have experienced with several of my employers in the past seven years. According to the American Nurses Association the indicators are chosen, because of the increasing impact on quality and safety in the workplace. Currently there is no absolute plan in place to correct the nursing turnovers issue.

Patient safety and quality of care is greatly impacted by the nurse turnovers in my opinion, because without adequate staffing patient care and the quality of care greatly decreases. For example I worked in a rather small...

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