Voluntary Euthanasia

Topics: Death, Homicide, Suicide Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 14, 2006
Voluntary Euthanasia..
Assisted Suicide or also called voluntary Euthanasia, is when an ill person decides to end their life and a doctor assists them. Every human being has a right to life, maybe the most important of all. However, with every right comes a choice. The right to speak gives us the choice to remain silent; the right to vote has the option to abstain. Therefore, the right to live has the choice not to. The people who are in the late stages of a mortal disease and have a horrifying future ahead: the decline of their body function, the failure of their organs and need of machines to live for them. In some cases, the disease slowly destroys their mind, their memory; and if this is not the case presented the enormous amounts of medications its required to "cure" the pain will often leave them sleepy, hallucinating. When a person is faced with this, they have a right to choose how they want to die and when, because they are going to anyway. Our society identifies suicide as an unfortunate event but acceptable in some conditions. Those who decide to end their own lives are not seen as evil, neither is it a crime to commit suicide. By forbidding the legalization of assisted suicide is as a result a form of injustice to those who are disabled by their disease and are unable to die without assistance. Suicide is a lonely, desperate act, which is executed in secret and is an often shout for help. The remaining family members receive a terrible impact. By legalizing assisted suicide, the act won't be a cry for help but an act of mercy for those who cannot live and have to remain in a bed until machines cannot operate them. In most cases, the families are unaware of the true feelings of their loved one; if they are forced to face the issue of their illness and the consequences of this act may cause the persuasion of the patient not to end their life. In different cases, they can become a part...
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