voltage and current in series and parallel circuit

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Voltage and Current in Series and Parallel Circuits

The purpose of this lab was to investigate and prove Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws, through the use of parallel and series circuits. In a parallel circuit, the voltages at different loads remain constant with themselves and the battery, where the current at different loads add up to equal the total current of the battery. A series circuit proves the opposite; current remains constant, and the voltages being used at different loads add up to total voltage of the battery.

1. Two loads were attached together by a copper wire and to two batteries to create a series circuit, as seen in figure 1. 2. The multimeter was attached to the two batteries with the black wire to the negative end of the battery, and the red wire to the positive end. This device was used to measure voltage and current in the series circuit. 3. Steps 1-2 were repeated using 3 loads.

4. The 2 loads previously used were rearranged to form a parallel circuit, as seen in figure 2. 5. The multitmeter was used to measure voltage and current in the parallel circuit. 6. Steps 4-5 were repeated using 3 loads to form a parallel circuit.


Kirchhoff’s laws suggest that in a series circuit, the voltages being dropped at each load will add up to equal the total voltage of the batteries. In a series circuit the loads are all respectively lined up with each other to make one possible path for the electricity to run through in order to reach all of them. The voltage is split up between each load because the voltage can only be picked up once, but must be used two times. In this experiment, there were first, two light bulbs as the loads, and two batteries as the sources, set up. All of the voltages for the light bulbs in the series circuit added up to approximately equal the measured voltage of the two batteries 1.3V + 1.5V = 2.9V. The circuit was set up again...
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