Volleyball video Analysis

Topics: Left-handedness, Handedness, Right-handedness Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: September 26, 2013
In the Florida versus USC volleyball game the players used the three touch method. The first person to hit it tended to bump it up the net left corner where the setter stands. The setter would set it to another player and they would spike it over the net. The players would use the proper approach when spiking it (right-handed people, left right left and left-handed people right left right.) When the girls dived they would dive and land on the thigh and roll up quickly too. While bumping the ball the girls would use the proper mechanics, they would bend their legs to bump and not swing their arms like a bat. While setting they would use just the tips of their fingers and the palms of the hands. That is the proper way of setting it. When blocking, the girls would jump, and not touch the net, and try to push the ball back down, and other girls would run to her side just in case the ball did not go over the net. When serving the ball they would throw the ball up about ten feet and hit it not with a fist, but with their palm. Furthermore, the stance of the girls when they are not in play is in the ready position, with their knees bent and a shoulder width apart, and their hands spread, palms up, in front of their legs. They do this because it is easier to get in position to bump the ball from ready position; and it is easier to set because the knees are already bent. In conclusion, the volleyball players in the Florida versus USC game used multiple skills, tactics, and strategies in their game. These are similar to what was taught in class because the three touch strategy was used, the proper way to spike and dive was preformed, they used proper mechanics when bumping and setting the volleyball, they served correctly, and blocked properly, and stood in ready position throughout the entire game; this is how the skills and mechanics used in college volleyball are similar to what was thought in class.
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