Volleyball Rules & Regulations

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The rules and regulations of volleyball

'B' League: (basic skilled players, beginning competition)
1. Overhand serves and spiking are allowed.
2. Underhand contact must be with closed fist.
3. You must "bump" the ball if it is below shoulder level.
4. Allow a double hit on first ball over net except with finger contact.

'BB' League: (intermediate skilled players/competition)
Violations that will be called in BB league:
1. Double hits: (one person contacting ball with hands apart, other than the first hit over the net). You may "bump" with hands clasped together, hitting off hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders and head. Setting action may also be deemed a double hit in the referee's judgment. 2. Lifting or pushing

'A' or OPEN League: (highly skilled players, most competitive) USVA rules strictly enforced.
1. SPOKESMAN FOR THE TEAM: During the game, players may not address the referee. Only the playing team captain shall be the spokesman for the players and may address the referee. 2. CONDUCT OF PARTICIPANTS AND/OR SPECTATORS: All participants and spectators will be expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner. Profane or abusive language will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate ejection. A second ejection will cause the player to be suspended for the season and the team placed on probation. Should another player be ejected while the team is on probation, the team is subject to forfeiture of all remaining games. Striking an official, spectator or player, or the destruction of property will result in indefinite suspension plus criminal prosecution. After a player, spectator, coach or manager is ejected, he/she must leave the area. This area includes the gym facility and parking lot. Managers are held accountable for the conduct of their team and spectators. 3. COMPOSITION OF TEAMS AND FORFEITS:

A. A team must have three (3) players to start a match and three (3) players to continue the match. If three (3) players are not on...
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