Volleyball Expectations

Topics: Time, Term, Management Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: August 23, 2013
My expectations from the team this year are to be good teammates for one another and everyone on the team. This looks like welcoming, encouraging, and helping each other during workouts, practice, and games. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to be best friends, but just that the players treat each other as our motto: “It’s a team thing”. My expectations from the coaching staff this year are to watch and correct individual mistakes and not to let bad habits go unnoticed. I like how the coaches will focus on what we are doing and talk to us about how to fix anything. The personal attention for everyone helps us all to become better players. Skill wise, I bring to the table for this team that I am able to get a good pass to the setter, can play serve receive, and I have a jump serve. I focus on back row because it all starts with a pass. In terms of attitude and leadership, I bring to the table for this team a positive attitude. If a teammate gets discouraged about what they’re doing, I want to encourage them to play the next ball and not worry about their mistakes. For leadership, when we are out on the court and come together in the middle to talk, I tell the girls that what we need to focus on or add motivation to finish a game. At this time, I perceive my strengths are that I am a fast learner and work at correcting my mistakes after instruction. I feel that my weaknesses are that I haven’t learned all of the plays. For example, I’m most comfortable with hitting a 4 as an outside, and although I’ve been introduced to other hits I’m not as familiar with them. I see my role on the team this year as an all-around volleyball player. My role is to be a more efficient hitter/blocker, play defense, and go after every ball as hard as I can. I am to keep the ball in play no matter what. My individual short term goal for the next week at practice is to work on my hitting. I need to get more power and load up on my step-close so I can jump higher. I also need to time my...
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