Volcano and Pompeii

Topics: Volcano, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Within seconds thousands of people killed, a town buried, only later to be forgotten. By the end of this speech I hope that you will not only learn more about the significance of this great city but also understand about how the city of Pompeii fell. Pompeii is still a very big tourists site so maybe after this speech you might be interested enough to go check out the town yourself. I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t know much about this great city. Yes I knew the basics but I didn’t really understand that much more until I started to research this topic more in depth for my speech. Not only have I put for the research to find information about the city of Pompeii but I have also watched a few documentaries about its fall. Today in this speech I’m going to talk about everyday life in Pompeii, the first earthquake and the demise of Pompeii from Mt. Vesuvius and a city was forgotten, only to be later discovered again. The city was founded in the early 7th century in the beautiful city of Italy. It was an avid tourist for Romans because of its villas and buildings were designed for wealthy visitors. Like many Roman towns Pompeii was walled. As you entered through the gates you would find yourself near one of the three main roads that split the town. Most of the buildings were on the main street with floor to ceiling windows. They had an elaborate system of pumps for distributing running water throughout the city. Pompeii was very culturally different from how we are today. Their residents were very open about their lives. The main part of the house, which would have been open to the street, was called the atrium. It was a big public room where the homeowners would conduct business. Not only was the center of the house open for public business, but it was literally open to the sky as well. Things that we like to keep behind closed doors were open for the public to see. Not only were Romans open about their lives but they were very open about their sexual...
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