Voices of Freedom Chapter 24

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Washington, D.C. Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Voices of Freedom Chapter 24
1. This article claims that the Southern Manifesto claimed that the Supreme Court is a hazard to the constitutional government for that reason it claims that the Supreme Court was an effort through the “unprotected power” to circumvent established law. The original Constitution didn’t talk about the education, so it implied that education is only a matter for the states and not national jurisdiction. Lastly the Supreme Court took action that was causing chaos and loathing between the races in the Southern states, this was tearing apart society at the very seems of the nation then again the constitutional government was meant for support. 2. Christian morals come directly from the Holy Bible, for example loving thy neighbor, looking the other way, and also giving and receiving respect but also informing that his procedures and approach for achieving freedom and parity for African Americans as citizens in the United States. Though freedom for the king was only doable by working within the constraints of the Christians life rules to live by for the proper behavior among men. 3. The first article Southern Manifesto carefully focused on the legal institutional traditions from when the United States was founded on a basis for the “State” independence from the federal government. King, knowingly on the other hand emphasized that freedom of the person is to contribute fully in society and as well as in freedom through the same approach and treatment. In summary, the disagreeing definitions of freedom between the two camps go to the heart of a theoretical dilemma: People are sidelined and therefore free when they are included on an equivalent foundation and with identical protections, or is it the other way around, where the individual states should be boundless to set up their societies in their own way without anything or anyone interfering from the federal government and the Supreme Court as well. As of the 1950s the United States has...
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