Vodoo as a Religion

Topics: Slavery, Religion, Haitian Vodou Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Voodoo as a religion

There are two different types of voodoo; the religion and the evil version that Hollywood made up. Voodoo has many traditions, and is a lot like Christianity. Both believe in a higher being. The Loa is similar to Christian saints, in which they were once human beings who lived outstanding lives, and are often blessed with a responsibility or honored. Both have ceremony’s similar to communion, and believe in evil spirits or demons. “Followers of Voodoo believe that each person has a soul which is composed of two parts: a gros bon ange or "big guardian angel", and a ti bon ange or "little guardian angel". The latter leaves the body during sleep and when the person is possessed by a Loa during a ritual. There is a concern that the ti bon ange can be damaged or captured by evil sorcery while it is free of the body.” Voodoo’s’ have different groups and each group has different spiritual paths, and worships a different group of Loa. (B.A.Robinson,2006) Voodoos’ major god is called Olorun, who is out of the way and not knowable. He confirmed power to a not as important God called Obatala to create earth and all of it’s life forms. There are many minor spirits.(B.A.Robinson,2006)

Voodoo is derived from several of the world’s oldest known religions in Africa; however, Voodoo as we know it today was started in Haiti during the slave trade. There are many books of theology on voodoo. There is no voodoo bible; voodoo beliefs and rituals were passed on through generation to generation. There are voodoo Priests and Priestesses’ who pass on the rituals and beliefs of the voodoo religion. (origins of voodoo)

The main purpose of rituals in the voodoo religion is to contact a spirit. They honor the spirit by making designs it the floor made out of flour or cornmeal, purifying rattles and drums, chanting, ritual dancing, and having animal sacrifices. The purpose for contacting the spirits is to bring blessings to an...

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