Vocational Area Report

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Vocational Area Report

The following report is a formal structured report based on investigating the job opportunities available in Radio and Journalism. The aim of the report is to: · · · Practice writing a formal structured report. Understand how to structure research in an easy and accessible way. Fulfil a module for my FETAC level 5 Radio and Journalism course.

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Chapter One
The vocational area is Radio and Journalism through studying these two mediums over the next year one could go on to work in the following job roles. Job Roles in Radio · · · · · Researcher Sound Technician/Engineer Broadcast Assistant Producer Presenter

Job Role s in Journalism · · · · · Journalist Editor Columnist Book Editor Technical Writer

Chapter Two
The three careers I will investigate in more detail are job opportunities in the Radio Industry.

Broadcast Assistant
A broadcast assistant s job is quite varied and the candidate would need to be flexible and enthusiastic by nature. Their main role would be to contribute to programme content, to build and maintain a contact lists or database. Another important aspect to the job of a broadcast assistant is finding contributors for items on programmes but more importantly to have the ability to persuade the contributors to go on air.

A broadcast assistant may be asked to undertake some limited radio presentations e.g. traffic and travel. They may also be asked to provide production assistance during live outside broadcasts or pre-recorded information. (www.free-job-descriptions.com)

Sound Technician/Engineer
Sound Technicians take responsibility for the full range of activities relating to the production, enhancement or amplification of sounds. This may involve both acoustic elements e.g. mixing sounds to a particular venue, or creating a mix for sound recording in a studio and/ or maintaining and repairing equipment to produce record and amplify sounds. Sound is a crucial aspect of Radio as the content which is broadcast must be of good quality and in line with the broadcasting authority or Ireland, as a result production, amplification and recording is now both an art and a science. The term "sound technician" commonly refers to an individual who works in the production and recording of sound. This will involve both pre and post production elements, for example, using the correct microphones, assessing the acoustics of a room/ venue and mixing sounds so the eventual audience has the desired experience. (http://www.myjobsearch.com)

Radio producers are responsible for the audio content of broadcasts via radio, the internet and other mobile platforms. They are involved in the entire process, from generating ideas to managing the audience response after a programme. Producers manage and work with broadcasting assistants, presenters and DJs, engineers and IT staff. They may also be responsible for the business and commercial management of a programme. Producers can work in the publicly funded, commercial or voluntary sectors of broadcasting. Wherever they work, they are part of a digital revolution which is having a profound impact on the way in which radio is produced and accessed. Specific responsibilities vary from programme to programme and station to station, and producers may sometimes also take on the roles of presenters or reporters. (http://www.prospects.ac.uk)

Chapter Three
The area I would like to purse is Radio Production (Career directions.ie) facility to assist with your career plan. Fas Education forms the foundation for your future career even though...

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Radio Training
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