vocal awareness

Topics: Question, Gender role, Drama Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Language and vocal awareness

Language is a key element to be explored in drama. An important characteristic of dramatic language is the way it indicates the mood of a scene. It does this, by incorporating stage directions into the dialogue. We can often tell the mood of a character by the language that is used. For example the repetitions of the noun ‘Laurence’ suggest that Beverly was annoyed with the fact that Laurence wasn’t doing what she asked him to do. The way in which a play is written can inform us of the time period, the setting and it also helps to give each individual character an identity. Dramatic language is also able to indicate how actors should be grouped together upon the stage, for example the character of Beverly as a host of the dinner party she has to be up and serving drinks to make sure her guests are comfortable and satisfied. Altogether language helps the actors/actress to convey a naturalistic performance. The technique I found particularly useful when exploring my character has been language. This technique really developed my characterization as well as improved my knowledge and understanding of my character Beverly as she uses a range variety of punctuation. An example of this is with the rhetorical question ‘d’ya know what I mean’ this may suggest that Beverly is the sort of person that likes to be understood. Secondly, Beverly also uses a lot of question marks: ‘D’ya get something to eat?’ ‘D’ya get those larger?’ as the play was written in 1977 and the traditional role of women’s changed in the 1920’s can suggest that Beverly abuses the freedom of not having to follow the traditional role of a women (cook and clean and providing) although she doesn’t work but she still doesn’t cook (that’s why Laurence eats a lot of fast-food). We used an exercise in class where we walked around the room reading our monologues aloud and when we got to a punctuation marking such as a full stop or question mark we had to turn 90 degrees...
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