Vocabulary Teaching

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Teaching Vocabulary / Prof. Penny Ur

Final Assignment:

Vocabulary activities analysis

Merav Malinker

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First Activity

the below activity was taken from



Although it is suggested on-line, I referred to this sample lesson as if adopted by a teacher to use as a lesson plan for teaching vocabulary.

Reviewing the words on left end column, it is evident that:

- word list( decontextualized

- There are no chunks/ multi words

- Most words are not frequent

The learner is required to use a dictionary to define the words.

Dictionary definitions:

New items need to be presented as fast and efficiently as possible looking up in the dictionary is not efficient. The best first encounter is through a quick demonstration of form and meaning ( L1 gloss).

Decontextualized vocabulary:

According to my (very short experience) in high-school Learners first encounter vocabulary words in minimal contexts such as vocabulary lists as presented in the above sample lesson however, as sequent activity learners usually encounter the same vocabulary items in more richly contextualized speech and written texts. Research doesn’t not necessarily coincide with my experience: Webb's study ( 2007) investigates the effects of contextualized and decontextualized learning tasks on vocabulary knowledge: (1) the effects of a single glossed sentence context on five aspects of vocabulary knowledge: orthography, paradigmatic association, syntagmatic association, grammatical functions, and meaning and form and (2) to determine the relative efficacy of learning glossed sentences and word pairs. The results suggest/ support the fact that both learning word pairs and learning glossed sentences are effective methods of learning vocabulary. Webb concludes that Decontextualized tasks can be just...
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