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Virtual Local Area Network or VLAN is a logical local area network. VLAN extends beyond a single traditional LAN to a group of LAN segments. VLAN is unique because it is a logical entity, where configuration is done in software. This paper will explain the benefits of VLAN and how implementing VLAN would benefit any company. Benefits of Creating a VLAN

As organizations grow in size, users, and departments, they must keep network activity and performance working effectively and efficiently. Implementing VLAN will provide the following benefits: •Increased performance

Improved manageability
Network tuning and simplification of software configurations •Physical topology independence
Increased security options
There will be an increase in performance because collision domains will be reduced in size. Grouping users into logical networks will also increase performance by limiting traffic. VLAN will provide an easy, flexible, and less costly way to modify logical groups. There are also more manageable by allowing the configuration of devices. Network tuning and simplification of software configurations allow LAN administrators to make changes to their networks by grouping users. By grouping users or departments into a single subnet will allow IP addresses, subnet masks, and network protocols to be more consistent across the entire VLAN. VLAN will provide an independence from the physical topology of the network. This is done by allowing physically workgroups to be connected within a single broadcast domain. With the physical infrastructure in place, ports can be added in new locations to existing VLANs if a department expands or relocates. Additional security can be added by implementing VLANs. Allowing a network administrator to separate users can be done by requiring access to important information. Broadcast Domains

As a broadcast domain, VLAN consists of a group of end-stations. These end-stations are located in...
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