Vladimir Putin

Topics: Vladimir Putin, Sambo, Prime minister Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: October 20, 2014
About Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin can say a lot. He gives the impression of an intelligent, smart person who can be trusted to govern the country. Has an analytical mind and a good, appropriate response to events. Putin is a very interesting and organized person, for the whole is able to find the time. This task is challenging, given the profession Vladimir Vladimirovich. He is very calm and well-mannered man is easy, but at the same time clearly and correctly decides on new laws or amendments to it. Vladimir Vladimirovich loves to help ordinary people, trying to do everything to make the lives of Russians was better pension increases, ensures to build more affordable housing mortgage and still lots and lots of little things that we do not know just because it is not shown on TV. And rightly so, because it is also one of the skills that are unique to an intelligent person - is the ability to seamlessly help another. Vladimir Vladimirovich is trying to solve the most vital problems of our country, but the work is not easy, because it is a daily travel from country to country, constant negotiation, conflict resolution within our country. Putin leads a healthy lifestyle. Interested in sports: swims, skier, is a master of judo and sambo. All these hobbies help keep fit, but it is so necessary in the difficult work that begins in the early morning and ends late at night. He is fluent in German, speaks English well. The force with which Vladimir Vladimirovich holds the power in their hands, to judge him as a hard man, knows how to make carry out their decisions. Its outer homeliness, cold eyes closed and say that he does not show much, much keeps the "inside" themselves. Yet I'm sure whether Putin is not the prime minister, and a simple citizen of our vast country, it would have behaved the same way intelligent. Because to be intelligent - is primarily the responsibility of the individual. And how he will behave depends, above all, is what will be its future life
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