Vivid Imagination

Topics: Imagination, Devil, Vivid Imaginations Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Patricia Jackson


There was this young child who acquired a unique quality about her. Some might call it a gift, others may even think of it as a psychological problem. This is why I ask this question, “What is it about me that's so unique?” My topic may be about a vivid imagination, but what you are about to read appeared real to me.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have seven siblings and a host of half sisters and brothers. “Yea, you can say my papa developed a rolling stone image, where he laid his hat he created a home for himself.” Chuckle, Chuckle!” I remember as a child, possibly at the age of 5 or 6 years, we stay on a street call Teutonia and Clark in a duplex over my grandma. This was the house everyone seemed to enjoy hanging out at, I guess because this was big mama’s house, as some would call her. But, of course, I was one who was always off to myself playing alone most of the time. I would spend my time looking through books, coloring, and watching television. The majority of the time I would choose my alone time over going outside to play with my sibling or other children.

Patricia Jackson

As a child I had a very vivid imagination. It was so vivid that things became real to me. We had this lovely mantle that had two curio’ attached side by side and the mantle was in the middle. In my vivid imagination, I would see a devil with a pitchfork kneeling with one knee down and one knee up waiting for a chance to attack me. He then, would jump off the mantle, proceeding to charge after me. I start running around the house screaming for help not knowing that I was alone at the time. Sometimes my mom would be downstairs doing laundry or outside hanging clothes, and I’m left alone in the house doing me.

These imaginations were going on for sometime now, it was to a point that I would be afraid to get out of bed at night...
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