Vitamins vs. Chemotherapy and Radiation for Cancer Therapy

Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: May 31, 2011
Vitamins vs. chemotherapy and radiation for cancer therapy
We have a general understanding of cancer--one-third of cancer patients die in five years. (1) With present therapies, only slow annual improvement is expected. Vitamins have been extensively demonstrated in clinic trials. (2), (3) Vitamins can strengthen the immune system to improve regular therapies and safely kill cancer. Here we compare cancer therapy by multivitamins with radiation and most chemotherapies. The big question is: Why are we not using vitamins now? In 1969 the National Cancer Institute showed that oxidized vitamin C (also known as dehydroascorbate or DHA) safely killed cancer cells in vitro but that glucose counteracted the DHA. (4) The late Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, FRCP (C) started a 15-year clinical test in 1978. (3), (5), (6) He enrolled 134 patients with 30 types of advanced cancer. He prescribed a regimen high in oral vitamin C plus other vitamins and minerals (Table 1). He also prescribed a diet low in meat, very low in sugar, but high in fruits, vegetables, and water. Most of his patients had failed prior surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy as prescribed by their oncologists. To all of his cancer patients, Hoffer offered the vitamin regimen, diet, and hope based on the results with earlier patients. Table 1: Dr. Hoffer's Regimens (3), (6) Early Later Vitamin C mg 12,000 12,000 range 3,000-40,000 3,000-10,000 * Vitamin A, IU 10,000-50,000 * Beta carotene 30K-75K IU 30,000 IU Vitamin B complex B50 to B100 1 or 2 of B100 Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU To 19,000 IU Vitamin E 300 IU Vitamin E succinate 800 IU Selenium 600 mcg 400 to 600 mcg Zinc as citrate 60 mg 60 mg Coenzyme Q10 300 IU Curcumin 300 mg * Bioperin 15 mg * Optional Dr. Hoffer's results were excellent. Those who refused vitamins lived a median of only 2.6 months. The 101 who accepted vitamins lived 45 months after seeing Hoffer (Table 2). (10), (11) Table 2: Survival of Cancer Patients After Seeing Hoffer (11) Type of Cancer...
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