Vitamin D Research Paper

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Naomi Ruiz Vitamin D Paper Dear Grandfather, After doing extensive research on the extremely controversial and confusing topic of how much vitamin D a person needs I have become much more knowledgeable on the subject. Allow me to enlighten you by first explaining exactly what vitamins are and what they do for your body. According to the book Vitamins, vitamins are a group of organic compounds which are essential in very small amounts for the normal functioning of the body (Ball 2004). In the article Vitamins and Minerals, it stated that vitamins are essential because they stabilize normal growth, metabolism, health, and help make enzymes and hormones (Pressman, Buff 2007). As for vitamin D it is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be produced by the body with the assistance of the sun, which is why most researchers classify it as a hormone instead of a vitamin. According to The Nutritionist, Vitamin Ds main functions in the body are calcium balance, normal cell development, and immunity (Wildman, 2004). It is also crucial for the development of bone, teeth, and muscles (Norton, 2007). The best level of vitamin D is so uncertain because there have been many controversial and inconsistent scientific studies over the years in determining the right amount. According to an article in Nature, Studies on recommended amounts by IOM have been said to be not standardized and consisted of poor data (Maxmen 2011). Although scientists are unsure about the exact amount of Vitamin D needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they are certain that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many dangerous disorders such as, rickets, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, chronic back pain, certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes (Diamond 2011).

In the article The Vitamin D-lemma, by Amy Maxmen, Michael Amling, a bone expert in Germany, performed a study in which he measured bone quality and blood levels of vitamin D in the bodies of 675 people who had died in good health (Maxmen...
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