vitamin d

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Vitamin D
Vitamin D: Wonder Pill or Overkill?
Wouldn’t it be great if one vitamin could build stronger bones and protect against diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, and depression? Or even help you lose weight? Researchers have high hopes for vitamin D -- which comes from our skin's reaction to sunlight, a few foods, and supplements. Learn the facts in the slides ahead … and see who's at risk for a "D" deficiency. Vitamin D Boosts Bone Health

Vitamin D is critical for strong bones, from infancy into old age. It helps the body absorb calcium from food. In older adults, a daily dose of "D" and calcium helps to prevent fractures and brittle bones. Children need "D” to build strong bones and prevent rickets, a cause of bowed legs, knock knees, and weak bones. Adding the vitamin to milk in the 1930s helped to nearly eliminate the disorder.Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) is more common far away from the sunny equator. For years, experts suspected a link between sunlight, vitamin D levels, and this autoimmune disorder that damages the nerves. One newer clue comes from a study of a rare gene defect that leads to low levels of vitamin D – and a higher risk of MS. Despite these links, there's not enough evidence to recommend vitamin D for the prevention or OF MS. Vitamin D and Diabetes

Some studies have shown a link between a low vitamin D level and type 2 diabetes -- the more common version of this blood sugar disorder. So, can boosting your vitamin D levels help ward off the disease? There's not enough proof for doctors to recommend taking this supplement to PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETES. Excess body fat may play a role in diabetes and low levels of vitamin D.  Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Studies have shown that people who are obese often have low blood levels of vitamin D. Body fat traps vitamin D, making it less available to the body. It's not clear whether obesity itself causes a low vitamin D level or if it's the other way...
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