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Topics: Photography, Peace, Sky Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: March 30, 2011
Although people have never seen this picture, a sense of familiarity crosses into the threshold of our mind. Serenity and calmness begin to ease away our worries and we can only wish we were actually there with the welcoming tree. Ariful Haque Bhuiyan, a photographer for Global Voices, took this picture in 2008 which is titled Meandering Meadows. The stereotypical African-looking tree conveys a strong sense of peacefulness and beauty to viewers, allowing them to feel harmonious with nature and its surroundings.

After a long gaze at this picture, my eyes start to become aware of other details. The sky is the first to be noticed, and has a very important role in this picture. The swollen clouds hover above the tree as if they were just drifting along with the flow of the breeze. The periwinkle background creates a canvas for them to lull across. The sky continues to the far back of the picture, where they come in contact with another set of trees. These trees are inferior to the larger tree in the middle, as if they were inspecting him and watching his every move.

The open meadow establishes a sense of freedom with no boundaries. The soft shade of green is inviting, but also peaceful. The thoughts of youth start to come back, remembering when you had no worries in the world, other than who would make the sports teams or what you would wear the next day. The tree provides a large fragment of this grass to be shaded, giving you a break from the heated sun.

The goat in this picture, which is rather minute compared to the size of the image, becomes a minor focal point of the picture. Grazing happily under the shade of the tree, it has no cares. We long to be like this goat. We wish for the serenity of this field and its quiet location. We crave the happiness it has, and wish we could have that in our hectic lives. The goat symbolizes who we would be in this image.

Given that the angle is aimed directly at the tree, readers find simplicity in viewing the...
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