Visual versus Auditory memory

Topics: Memory, Quartile, Interquartile range Pages: 4 (716 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Wednesday 11th February 2015

● Aim:-The aim of this experiment is to investigate whether students from Mrs Carlson’s Year Thirteen Statistics class have better visual or auditory memory capabilities.The purpose of this experiment is to determine the difference of memorizing visually or memorizing auditory. To examine the significance of this difference, an inference will be made using randomization to observe an effect between Visual and Auditory, which will be fulfilled by doing a memory test. ● Hypothesis:-For this experiment I predict that the group that has to memorize visually will accomplish more words than the group that memorizes visually becausestudy shows ​

a natural visual scene is interconnected spatially whereas an

auditory stimulus in interconnected serially This leads to differences in our ability to recall the event and in the amount of information needed to recognize a visual or auditory event among distracting environment. If one chooses to look at the amount of information stored, then it would be the case that our visual information would win because of the rich representation of the world our visual system gives us.

● Design:- This type of experiment is called randomization. Participants of the experiment were given a piece of paper with either an ‘A’ or ‘V’ this determined which group participants were allocated to. ‘A’ being the group that would have to memorize auditorily and ‘B’ being the group that would have to memorize visually. ● Experimental Units:- The participants were students from Ms Carlson’s 13STA class ● Treatment:- They were given a piece of paper which will allocate the students to their group. The treatment group were the students who were suppose to memorize auditorily and the control group were the students who were suppose to memorize visually. The treatment groups listened to recording of words that were repeated 3 times and the control group had to memorize the words visually, both groups...
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