Visual Sociology

Topics: Sociology, Rolling Stone, Mores Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Justin Wilt
Week 3
Essay #1

Lesson 1/ Activity 2 (p.23) - “Find a visual image (in a magazine or book) that you think reflects something important about society. Copy the picture and write a paper about what you have learned about society from visual images.

The rise to stardom for the Miami, Florida rapper that goes by the stage name of Rick Ross demonstrates many ways in which American societal norms have evolved over the years. The cover of the attached Rolling Stone magazine features a shirtless obese Ross, with a majority of his body covered with tattoos. This picture reflects in many ways the societal norms which we live with on a daily basis. Obesity in our society is on the rise, and this picture demonstrates that is now a norm that we live with. Another aspect of society displayed by this picture is the massive amounts of tattoos on Ross who proudly puts them on display for the masses who use them as inspiration for their own works of ink. Lastly, i’m going to focus on how this picture displays subtle sexism. You’d be hard-pressed to find another major magazine cover in our society that features an obese topless female. These norms are just some of the aspects of the constantly evolving society and culture we live within and encounter every day. In this picture, the half-naked Rick Ross is all but boasting of his severe obesity by putting it on full display on the cover of a very popular magazine for the whole world to see. Simply put, obesity has a very negative effect on ones’ health, and it is a rapidly growing problem in the United States of America. The placement of Rick Ross on the cover of the Rolling Stone demonstrates the fact that obesity has become a societal norm and a culture we accept. Many young kids see this cover and see the man they look up to as a role model of sorts, and they see Ross showing off his obese body and to them it means obesity is accepted by their peers.

Tattoos on people have been around for a very long...
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