Visual Perception

Topics: Cognition, Perception, Psychology Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: June 30, 2006
Visual perception is an information processing task. Discuss.

Our visual capacity has coloured our lives in a thousand ways, from social interaction to the formation of knowledge, visual awareness has always been natural and spontaneous. But there lies within layers after layers of complex structures which enable such a commodity, this essay thus attempts to project visual perception on the framework of information processors in order to internalize the workings of visual perception system.

Our visual system provides us the ability to structure and make sense of perceptual stimuli which are usually fragmentary or incomplete. Cognitive psychologists have thus postulated that our perceptual achievements include a series of stages which comprise of modules independent of each other. These would include the various aspects of visual perception, for instance the occurrence of perceptual grouping which depicts how one perceives and group elements of similar patterns. It is one broad category that illustrates how we construct stable, coherent and unified images of objects from the fragmentary images presented to our visual system. Yet another secondary component to visual perception is the interpretation of visual stimulus derived from the formation of mental representation. Commonly known as object recognition, it is another aspect of our visual system which construes the ability to identify and recognize (through categorization as well as mental associations) of what we perceive. And beyond these, aspects of visual perception include the usage and naming of visual objects as well. Here, we see that the mass of perceptual ability can be envisaged onto an information processing framework which may help to explain the flow of information for visual perception.

Amongst various aspects of visual capability, object recognition is significantly essential to our understanding of the social world. In particular, the model of object recognition involves specific...
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