Visual Merchandising

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Visual merchandising is developing the floor plans, lighting effects, display the products to attract the customers toward making the purchase. Visual merchandising techniques were first introduced to the world in 19th century, when the big establishments like Marshall Field&Co changed their business from wholesale to retail and goods display became necessary to attract the consumers. It includes showing and promoting the products, creating an connection between the display and the viewer, getting the attention of the customers when they go pass the store, encouraging the customers coming into the store, introducing and explaining the products, enhancing their shopping experience.

Visual Merchandising looks at combining product, environment, and space into astimulating and engaging display to encourage the sale of a product or service. It has become an important element in retail, exhibitions, theatre, events and photography.Many elements can be used by visual merchandisers in creating displays, including colour, lighting, space, product information, sensory inputs such as smell, touch, andsound as well as technologies such as digital displays and interactive installations. Visual merchandising starts with the store building itself. The store design should reflect the products, how to create a warm, friendly, and approachable atmosphere for its potential customers.It is not a science; there are no absolute rules. It is more like an art in the sense that there are implicit rules but they may be broken for striking effects. The main principle of visualmerchandising is that it is intended to increase sales, which is not the case with a "real" art. Visual merchandising is the art of implementing effective design ideas to increase store traffic and sales volume. It is an art and science of displaying merchandise to enable maximum sale. It is a tool to achieve sales and targets, a tool to enhance merchandise on the floor, and a mechanism...
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