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Over the past four weeks I have created a job aid for one group of employees at my current employer. The job aid is meant to help the employees prioritize their daily tasks as well as understand exactly what the expectations of their position are. I have spent several hours observing the employees currently filling the helping hands role and comparing it to what our current training manual says as well as the information I have learned in class. Through class discussions, assignments and observations I have found many aspects of my original plan that needed to be altered. Once I completed my final outline I thought I would quickly throw together my final draft and once again found myself making changes. When considering the elements of design and conveying a message it can be difficult to decide on the BEST WAY.

In my week one discussion post I listed several items that I felt were the most important aspects of helping hands. I created the list based on my shopping experiences and a few select items that I find myself consistently asking employees to do. As the weeks went on and I began taking pictures for my project the list changed. Some of the items remained on the list, some were deleted but the most important change was the items I decided to add. Before beginning the project I truly believed I knew what was important about helping hands. Now I know I was wrong. Their job is difficult and it is not easy to prioritize. Last week we were asked to describe the planning process. I found that planning, re-planning, and being open for additional planning was the best process in this complicated assignment. In the past I have been quick to make decisions using assumptions, going forward I will spend more time on the planning process.

As you flip through my slide show you will see that I chose to use a vibrant color for the background. I chose to use the color orange because the department uniforms are orange. I felt the orange background served two purposes: it...

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