Visual Learning Style

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Running head: My Learning Style
Visual Learning Style

Learning styles are the way that we gather and understand information. Some of us have different ways of understanding and processing information; thus using different learning styles is essential. I will discuss the type of learning style that I use to process information and discuss why it is right for me. We all may have similarities of ways to learning but your learning style defines how you learn best. I believe that we all can learn using all styles of learning but the information will not be interpreted well.

Visual Learning Style
I decided to continue my education because I would like to receive my associate degree and graduate. The field of public health has always been a love of mind so why not get into that field. I have worked with people with disabilities and during that process I really became interested in public health, this will be a way that I would be able to assist them with any and every goal they would like to achieve. This is the reason I believe that I will do well because this is a field that I find very interesting. College for me will help me attain my goals of working in this field. I do know that it will consist of a lot of hard work but it will be worth all of it. Public Health has always amazed me ad know I have the chance to be involved in the whole system. In order to achieve all of my goals in college I must study and process all information. The different learning styles will help me achieve these goals. The learning style is the way I see and process my assignments.

My learning style is the visual learning style. This is where you use visual aids to help you understand information. I have always been better when I can see what I am supposed to learn. Visual learners will often use such phrases as: Let's look at it differently, See how this works for you, I can't quite...

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