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INFT 101 B15
Visual Learning Style

Visual Learning Style
Visual Learners are individuals who learn things best by seeing them. Visual learning individuals that are studying for an exam tend to take a lot of notes, use flashcards and work alone they tend to be easily distracted. I am a visual learner and in order for me to remember information I have to visualize a picture in head. As a visual learner I find different ways to learn by using pictures, flashcards, textbooks, maps and charts. I can understand and follow directions on a map and also visualize material when I m reading. I tend to write things down that helps me to remember things better that way. I also sit in front so I’m able to see the person talking which helps me pay attention more. Studying alone is helps me, I get easily distracted by others. I use highlighters and color on my notes. It doesn’t surprise me that I have a visual learning style, I have known for a while I was a visual learner. I noticed the way I study and how I retain information. My visual learners like to take things apart and put them back together, they learner through hands on activities, visual learner enjoy watching demonstrations. The strategies that I’m currently using are; I’m taking notes, I find myself daydreaming at times, enjoy pictures and maps color and I copy almost everything because I want to see it. One strategy I might try new is: To be able to watch someone show me how to do something. The importance of having a learning style is to be able to know how your own learning styles can help you perform better in your personal study habits. There are many ways of learning from being able to see, hear or even experience things first hand. For me to know I’m a visual learner, I’m able to do better on my exams. Learning Style Essay: Prewriting Exercise

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