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Topics: Depth perception, Art, Annibale Carracci Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 2, 2013

The art depicted above is Annibale Carracci’s Head of a youth. The line form this shows is dance of curving lines and ragged, irregular lines. I believe that the use of these lines help to give the artwork a sense of movement that vertical lines would have been unable to produce. The shape I believe is depicted is more of an organic shape because it is irregular and curving. It appears to be much like a quick sketch without exact lines used; therefore I would define it as irregular when looking up close. The use of likes and shading implies that there is a rounded person as described in the book. This work of art uses implied depth to convey a three dimensional work of art. Because this is a drawing you see the space of the surface all at once. I would say the perspective is eye level because the man is at the height of the artist or viewers eyes. The atmospheric perspective is achieved by using different value and detail. There seems to be no evidence of time depicted in this drawing. I also see no evidence of movement throughout this piece. This work of art uses chiaroscuro which is shading from light to dark it helps to create roundness. This use helps to make the observer better understand the setting of the art. This is considered achromatic because it is black and white. There are different hues used throughout the drawing. The color scheme is monochromatic. The form (or what I see) is a man resting his head almost contemplating something. The content (meaning I get from what I see) is that the world is full of mystery and should be explored.
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