Visual Elements Of Visual Art Essay

Topics: Art, Color, Learning, History of painting, Writing, Aesthetics / Pages: 4 (795 words) / Published: Oct 17th, 2015
The Elements of Visual Art Throughout the eight week course of Art Appreciation I learned many new things about the concept of art, and how to fully understand art. Whereas, before the art class I was only able to look at pieces of art as a whole without much knowledge behind of the concepts being used. I never understood exactly the meaning of art or even how somethings were made. Now, I am educated in regards to the process of making some art, and the reasoning behind art forms due to their time periods. One important fact that I learned about visual art is the importance of its actual elements that are needed. These elements ranges from color, shape, light, value and so on. For example, color is every important in visual art. Color helps …show more content…
There are two forms of shape such as Geometric and organic. Geometric shape uses the concept of straight and curved forms whereas organic shapes uses biomorphic and amorphous shapes. Shape can help the admirers recognize certain objects due to their icon resemblance. An illustration of a figure with a man nailed to a cross one will automatically relate this shape to the icon of Jesus. This element I notice is used a lot when relating art to religion. Shape icon can be seen all around the art institute of Detroit.
Visual Art of Painting I learned so much about the process and outcome of painting. Painting is when one applies a pigment (paint) to a surface. To create paint itself a medium is usually needed. There are several forms of painting the most intriguing forms that I found interesting to learn about is Oil, Tempera, and watercolor. After visiting the museum I found oil painting to be my favorite form painting among the three. Next, in order to make oil painting one will need ground pigments, linseed oil, and turpentine medium, with glazing being the last product used. Oil painting is known to dry very slowly this can be time consuming however, there is a product that can be used to speed up this drying phase. Colors tend to blend very well with oil painting that contribute to its attraction with

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