Visual Basic

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Visual Basic Language History

Visual Basic was founded by Alan Cooper who was also known as the father of Visual Basic. Originally, it was a simple shell that was nicknamed Tripod. Bill Gates later purchased Tripod and changed the name to Ruby. Ruby added a control box which could be used to add components or widgets. Later, in 1991, Ruby and Quickbasic came together to form Thunder. Thunder added drag and drop tool capability, codeless object GUI creations, and event oriented programming.
Visual Basic was released in 1991 by Microsoft to compete with other popular programming languages such as C, C++ and Pascal. It was until version 3.0 when Visual Basic became the hottest programming language on the Market. Visual Basics provided tools which make programming much simpler that writing code in other languages. With these tools it cut programming time down by days. Within version 3.0 Visual Basic support 16-bit application and support for Jet Database engines.

One of the most significant features of Visual Basic is the ability to create graphical development environment. This feature became very popular with programmers due to the ability of creating graphical interfaces with little coding. Visual Basic allowed people who had little programming experience to create graphics within Microsoft Windows applications.
Visual Basic provides tools to make our life far easier because all the real hard code is already written for us. For example what could be created in minutes with Visual Basic could take days in other languages such: as "C" or "Pascal". Visual Basic provides many interesting sets of tools to aid in building exciting applications. With controls like these one could create many applications, which use certain parts of MS windows.
Even though people tend to say Visual Basic's compiler is far behind the compilers of Pascal and C, it has earned itself the status of a professional programming language, and has almost freed BASIC of the

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