Visual Basic

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|Sr. No |Experiment |Date |Remarks | |1 |The Integrated Development Environment |13/08/12 | | |2 |Write a Program in VB to display welcome in visual basic on a Label.|13/08/12 | | |3 |Write a program in VB to find out the Area of Circle. |13/08/12 | | |4 |Write a program in VB to display your name on a form. |27/08/12 | | |5 |Write a program to change a color of text written in text box of the|27/08/12 | | | |form. | | | |6 |Write a program in VB to create the calculator to perform the |03/09/12 | | | |arithmetic operation. | | | |7 |Write a program to enter the marks of students in four different |03/09/12 | | | |subjects and calculate the total entered marks and percentage marks | | | | |and display the corresponding grades. | | | |8 |Write a program to find the larger number between three numbers. |03/09/12 | | |9 |Write a program to find a person is teenager. |03/09/12 | | |10 |Write a program in VB to sum and count. |10/09/12 | | |11 |Write a program in VB to multilingual hello. |09/10/12 | | |12 |Write a program in VB to find number larger between two numbers. |16/10/12 | | |13 |Write a program in VB to show current date and current time. |29/11/12 | | |14 |write a program in vb to find the factorial. |30/11/12 | | |15 |Write a program in V.B to show different color using different case |1/12/12 | | | |statement. | | |


Title: - The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Different files of VB which has been selected for programming. We select standard EXE file of VB for the programming.



One of the most significant changes in Visual Basic 6.0 is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). IDE is a term commonly used in the programming world to describe the interface and environment that we use to create our applications. It is called integrated because we can access virtually all of the development tools that we need from one screen called an interface. The IDE is also commonly referred to as the design environment, or the program.


The Main Window consists of the title bar, menu bar, and toolbar. The Title bar indicates the project name, the current Visual Basic operating Mode and the current form. The menu bar has drop-down menus from which you...
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