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Topics: Color, Atmosphere, Eye Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Art 10000 Introduction to the Visual Arts of the World
The image is of a picture taken outside in the wilderness by a mountain bordering a forest of pine trees and a small body of water. This image appeals to me because it reminds me of a simple, happy, peaceful setting where its care free with the thought of no responsibilities. The color appears as if there is an overcast, the clouds also make it apparent. There is little to no light coming through the atmosphere, thus the small body of water reflects no sunlight. There are several pine trees, so the area must be a forest. The texture of the trees appears to be rough and jagged. The mountain side in the background appears to be smooth in texture and the rocky area in the foreground appears rough in texture. The sky sets a shadow on the background of the mountains. The shape of the trees as they reflect off the surface of the water seems to be irregular. The straight line of the rocky texture in the foreground makes it present that there is a slope downward to the forest. The use of primary and secondary colors in the composition makes it more presentable. The eye is constantly drawn to the small body of water in the center. There is a repetition of the pine trees across the area. In the background behind the pine trees, there is another body of water larger than the body of water in the middle of the area. The appearance of the soil appears to be smooth and rough simultaneously. The jagged rocks and pebbles give the effect that the surface is not as smooth as the mountain side in the background. Overall the image as a whole is pleasing to the eye and represents a pristine environment untouched by human pollution, corruption, or destruction.
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